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For more than two decades now, the Italian factory Legnoform has been producing prestigious doors that are consistently admired for their high quality and elegant style. The factory follows the centuries-old traditions of Italian craftsmen, while taking into account the latest technical achievements and requirements of modern fashion. The doors of the Legnoform factory are made of the best types of natural wood. The material is oak, alder and tulip wood. Various types of glass are also used.

The Legnoform factory offers various options for capitals and decorative casings designed to decorate doors and make their design unique. Framing of openings for different wall thicknesses, side and top transoms as well as complex door designs is possible. Exclusive glasses give Legnoform doors a unique style. The unique design of the models consists of tinting, inlaying, painting the door leaf for "Venetian plaster" and the method of "artificial ageing".

Legnoform is the optimal solution for those who prefer traditional lines and "living" wood. By choosing Legnoform doors, you get the highest quality. Legnoform interior doors are diverse in styles and will harmoniously complement any interior!

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