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The Ville Venete by Gatti factory recreates upholstered furniture, which, by its character and taste, belongs to the Venetian upholstered furniture sets of the old era. The main characteristics of the upholstered furniture of the Ville Venete collection make it possible to create classic high-level interior concepts and thus satisfy the wishes of demanding customers.

The sofas of the Ville Venete collection are made from materials and according to the technology traditionally used by Italian artisans. Wood, hemp, leather, cotton, these are the materials that involuntarily take us back to the past, give a subtle sense of harmony that only things made with love can give. The durability of Ville Venete products is guaranteed by a solid wood frame made from a special special part of it. The seat springs are supported by braided straps. And the sofa frame is separated from the main fabric by another layer of fabric lining.

Today, Ville Venete is a leading company in the Italian design industry, recognized for its ability to make living spaces unique and comfortable, through an original design and high quality interiors. It’s the result of a long experience handed down through the generations.

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