Pointhouse Italy Lead time 90 days

Pointhouse is a factory that has been developing tables and chairs for many years. Modern style, original design, combination of beauty and practicality, functionality are the main features of this company. Furniture from the Pointhouse factory is a combination of modern style, original design, practicality, functionality and reliability.

The knowledge and ability of the Pointhouse factory craftsmen to combine plastic and metal at the same time can be traced in the company's philosophy. The Italian approach allows the creation of essential items with a high technological content and a designer look. The idea is to match the interior environment with furniture objects, while maintaining their essence and individuality.

The method of manufacturing products and non-standard design solutions is an attempt to satisfy all the requirements of the buyer and at the same time convey the idea and style of Pointhouse. Pointhouse Italian furniture will add elegance to your interior, emphasize modern style and create a comfortable and functional atmosphere.

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