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Founded in 1962 by two experienced carpenters who saw in the wardrobe a flourishing market, Mazzali is today one of the most significant and innovative reality of the Italian furniture industry.

Mazzali is a modern company that traces its success on flexibility and on a strong customization of the product. Innovation. Italian style. Traditional craftsmanship. Environmental conscience. Mazzali represents a refined style of furniture, handcrafted but at the same time with a modern vision.

The doors, slides and shelves of the wardrobes and bookcases are made exclusively in honeycomb sandwich panel with solid wood frame. Thanks to the perimeter structure of solid wood with honeycomb, the veneer guarantees maximum lightness thus causing less stress on mechanisms and on the hinges, maximum duration and maximum resistance, as screws and joints work directly on the solid wood.

The beds, sets and wardrobe cabins are made of plywood and laminated wood. The multilayer and lamination are composed of multiple overlapping sheets or strips of wood fiber cross. The materials are excellent for their resistance, durability, breathability, hygroscopicity and neutrality in magnetic fields. To ensure maximum stability in wood veneer essence, plywood and laminated wood may be counter-plated with a thin sheet of MDF.

Colour is the expression of our emotions, our passions, our being, our outcome. Mazzali offers a choice of 124 standard colours, in seven different finishings, from water to lacquered, antique, to decapè, because above all, each product must be personalized to the best and most personal requirements.

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