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In the 1980s, faced with a market that was still governed by Oriental carpets, Serge LESAGE began creating and selling contemporary carpets. The company changed hands in 2004 and the new general and artistic management team developed the concept of 'Interior Creator'. Serge Lesage has rapidly gained a reputation as a leader for high-end contemporary carpets and for the manufacture of customised carpets, recognised throughout the world.

The flow of intuition has led to the birth of numerous contemporary, aesthetic and inspiring creations that are the hallmark of the Serge LESAGE collections.

Carpets produced by Serge LESAGE are distinguished by original patterns and a variety of colors. Adhering to the highest quality criteria, the factory uses only high-quality materials in its production: silk, leather, jute, sisal, wool from New Zealand.
The factory skillfully combines modern methods with the ancient traditions of the French style and the craftsmanship of Indian weavers.
Serge LESAGE carpets are French chic in the interior, comfort and warmth for many years to come.

Each carpet created by the company meets the demand for high quality and manufacture. It is the result of close collaboration between cultures, where contemporary design and the carftsman's expertise work together and where respect for ancestral skills and environmental requirements are united, to write a new and beautiful future.

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