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Exenia is a young Florentine brand in the professional lighting sector, specialised in the production of LED lighting fixtures for indoor use, suitable for all types of installations from residential to commercial, from museums to showrooms. Exenia was born in 2010, but its story is rooted in the second half of the 40s. The Cerva factory, which then produced electric resistance cookers and heaters, converted its production into lighting fixtures in the sixties, soon having large and differentiated catalogues and producing thousands of pieces a month. Growth in the seventies is rapid and the company experiences new plastic materials and 12v springs. In the nineties, it became part of the Targetti group, changing its name to Esedra. Today, the Exenia brand inherited from the past not only the management, but also a long industrial-technological experience with the research and production quality history.

Exenia is a growing company, with an entrepreneurial culture solidly based on principles of collaboration, transparency, respect, social responsibility, quality, research, innovation, sustainability, design and customization. December 2015, when Exenia becomes part of the Lumenpulse Group family, is the beginning of an exciting synergy within an international network of young and innovative companies who share complementary expertise in the lighting field, sharing the cutting-edge technology of the Canadian brand and research laboratories that can offer optical systems among the most sophisticated in the world.

The excellence of a refined Italian design blends in with perfect performances and multiple finishes creating Exenia collections with a unique design, decorated with a virtually unlimited variety of colours with a natural base. The entire production process takes place inside the company, allowing the total quality control. The in-house chain and the craftsmanship know-how, have as a natural consequence the possibility to personalise each project in a tailor-made and exclusive manner. Exenia is able to offer a tailor made product through reliable, accurate service and fast delivery times.

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