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Mobil Deri was established in 1959, when Giorgio Deri changed and renewed the ancient cabinet-maker's workshop, which his fatherhad opened at the begining of the century. The company, part of a cultural context that practices the best Renaissance artisan traditions. What remains unchanged over time is the artisan soul, inspired today as yesterday to the values of classical tradition, with the help of innovative techniques and modern machinery, which streamline production processes by improving the various processing phases.

Mobil Deri is a company whose basic characteristic is its completely handicraft nature. The Ercole Romanica, Firenze, Firenze Vip, Arcadia, Diadema collections stand out for the high-quality solid wood used to create each piece from the design concept to the finished product, every stage of the process nightlights the exceptional manual skills of master woodworkers, who shape, , lathe and carve the figures and motifs, bringing the material to life in sturdy structures.

Boiseries – collection Firenze Vip line. A style with echoes of classicism that highlight fine Italian craftsmanship, in which wood-paneled walls are punctuated and alternated with sophisticated hearths, sumptuous bookshelves and leather sofas and armchairs.

Collection Firenze was created by great artist who could transfer the tradition of Florence Masters in decoration and sculpture till our time. The door panels show life views in the chief town of Tuscany: Piazza della Signoria. Porta Romana, Ponte Vecchio.

Collection Ercole Romanica. Following a careful research Mobil Deri created the door panels for model Ercole, with the views of Colosseum, the Temple of Pietra and the Temple of Vesta, called of the fortune. The details are showing the accurate handwork of sculptures, bas-reliefs and carving which characterize this collection.

The Arcadia collection presents solid wood furniture, decorated only by hand, the painstakingly crafted work of master cabinetmakers. It features unusual motifs, inspired by botanical world, that adorn the front of these pieces.

Collection Diadema. Lavish carved decorations and brushstrokes of gold and silver leaf create powerful lines that are tempered by the choice of lacquer background. The unique Led lighting of the carved molding seems to give these pieces own inner glow. Silky fabrics in shimmering shades echo the diaphanous luminescence of the finishing.

The values on which Mobil Deri rely on are quality, skills and the pursuit of excellence, creating a unique, always fashionable and timeless style.

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