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Founded by Pier Luigi Frighetto in November 2011, 35 years experience now concentrated in Black Tie.

Every Black Tie sofa is numbered, equipped with a passport that certifies every feature and accompanies it throughout its remarkably long life. Necessarily produces a limited number of pieces, inspected in every single detail.

Black Tie oozes exclusiveness starting with its materials. The Company only use certified goose down for which they know its exact origin, as this is the only way to guarantee unrivalled comfort.

For Black Tie sofas they only use wood from firs, poplars, beeches, and multi-layers of poplar plywood. They like the elastic belt spring system, stretched on metal frames independently from the structure, because they know this guarantees maximum stability, is deformation-resistant, and lasts over time.

All Black Tie's fabrics are carefully selected, tested and processed in Italy. The Company only select the best quality leather from European breeders, which is processed in Italian tanneries.

Black Tie is a stylish choice. A choice arising from a clear idea of elegance.

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