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Giorgiocasa was founded by Giorgio Mozzo and thereafter his children Gianluca, Serena and Debora joined in. They are all directly involved in the continuation of a tradition made of only excellence.

For 40 years Giorgiocasa has been seizing the very soul of wood – and only wood – to transform it into objects that feature a shining appearance and are icons of an immortal style made in Italy and dedicated to all the true experts of furniture spread over the 5 continents.

Giorgiocasa is one of the best selling models of furniture are products manufactured by Italian factories. This is due that all products of this factory are made of the array, and finishing elements stylize antique in many kinds of classic furniture. At the same time actively used hand-carved wood, apply decorative elements, decorative painting.

Italian furniture factory Giorgiocasa represented not only dining room, living room, bedroom, and individual furnishings: TV stand, bookcase compositions hallway, dressers, mirrors, etc. Italian factory Giorgiocasa produces goods of different styles, designed for any consumer taste. This exquisite furniture with a variety of finishes, most product forms, sizes and colors, decorated with ornamental details.

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