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Laudarte is the starting point for architects and designers. The Laudarte factory was founded in 1992 by the efforts of Christina Rossi, who took a leading role in the management of the company. The Laudarte concept is the result of a long, significant experience in the fashion and interior design industry, extensive research on materials and ancient production methods in various countries around the world. Designs and stylistic advice from Giovanni Malerba bring historical motifs and decorative themes to life in a series of exclusive collections of truly timeless timeless classics.

Laudarte's mission is to produce lamps that reflect the culture, taste and heritage of values ​​dating back to ancient aristocratic times. At the heart of the production of sconces, which, in the language of entrepreneurship, is industrial in nature, there is an extremely flexible design that can satisfy any requirement for a project. Laudarte sconces are modular, which, in the composition of each individual product, material and finish, gives a truly limitless possibilities in terms of art, expression and design.

This concept and the distinctive features of Laudarte products, created in Italy, is a catalyst for an open and constructive dialogue with designers, architects and stylists. For many years, the exceptional capabilities of the Laudarte factory, together with the cooperation and respect of the world's most famous design firms, have allowed the factories to place their lamps in luxurious imperial palaces and private mansions, embassies, buildings of great historical value and several hotel chains around the world.

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