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The French company Meljac was founded in 1995. The company produces luxury wiring equipment. The Meljac lineup includes lighting control devices (dimmers, switches, motion sensors), access control devices (intercoms, alarm panels), bells, thermostats, power, television and multimedia sockets.

Since the founding of Meljac, the focus has been on the originality of products made with noble materials. The company's products are made from brass, steel, aluminum and wood. In addition, any Meljac product can be made in various color combinations: matt and glossy, nickel, chrome, bronze, and brass shades. And in the fall of 2009, the company presented a new collection of Prestige finishes, whose products are more reminiscent of works of art: decorated with leather, semi-precious stones and minerals, electrical products amaze with their beauty and elegance, exquisite workmanship and exquisite French charm. In addition to standard rectangular models, you can find curly ones, for example, a butterfly model. In this case, the finishing of all items is done by hand.

In addition to beauty and unique design, all Meljac products meet the technological standards of different countries. Every year, Meljac engineers conduct market research for electrical products and improve equipment to meet changing requirements.

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