Della Rovere Italy Lead time 60 days

Della Rovere S.p.A. is an entirely Italian company which for over 30 years marks the difference on the Italian and International market with its wide set of office furniture production.

Della Rovere considers research and development of new technological solutions a key lever to improve their competitiveness. The innovation of product and process has the main objective of improving quality, combining technological development and sustainability. Quality, design and product innovation are always able to meet every customer’s needs. So, The Zero desk designed by Karim Rashid is on permanent display at the Museum of Die Neue Sammlung (International Design Museum) in Germany.

Small projects are all those offices with few desks. These projects were and still are one of the keys for the Della Rovere’s national and international success. Consultancy is put into practice since the first contact with the customer, providing all necessary assistance to optimize the spaces available searching together for the right furniture solution for each workstation.

Large projects are all those offices featuring with many workstations. Here complexity and needs grow exponentially, thus Della Rovere uses a team of professionals that facilitates the work of designers/architects/facility managers to satisfy the final customer.

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