Disegno Luce Italy Lead time 60 days

Disegno Luce was born in 1987 in gambellara, a small country village situated a few kilometres from vicenza, the city famous for palladio and his palaces, villas and architecture. It is this meeting of countryside landscapes and the classical (and handcraft) architecture of palladio which gave birth to the aesthetic idea of Disegno Luce.

The new collection Disegno Luce has many fixtures. It is chandeliers, similar to water pipes, and whimsical spirals and lamps, similar to lunar rocks, and even a simple zinc bucket that suddenly lights up from the bowels of a bright flame.

All lamps and lights shown inside company's catalogue are certified and made inside the Disegno Luce workshop, which follows all production processes carefully and carries out tests of conformity according to european rules.

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