IDL Italy Lead time 60 days

Made in Italy craftsmanship: no compromise on that. That’s what makes IDL‘s products very well-know and valued all over the world. The company, founded in 1987 by partners Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva, makes lamps and indoor lighting solutions, exclusive high-end items that are sold to a selected public, for luxury homes and offices, in Italy and abroad, in countries like Russia, the UAE, the Usa and Taiwan, Turkey and Azerbaijan. IDL’s products are based on top-level manufacturing techniques and very high production performances, combining quality, unicity, creativity and design.

Today IDL is a leader in lighting and is renown for the exclusivity of its designs. IDL’s secret lies in the hand-made and artisan approach which is a hallmark of the Made in Italy stamp.

IDL’s design team is ever watchful of evolving market trends. Through continuous and accurate market research, it interprets differing precepts of lighting, thus enabling IDL to hone all technical, aesthetic and stylistic aspects in order to satisfy the demands of an exacting clientele.

The creation of the new brands DOLCE VITA Luxury Lighting and LUCE da VIVERE Living Lighting is the result of a strong creative thrust at IDL. Now, in addition to historic ARTE NEL TEMPO Light and Style range, IDL offers a broad, complete and original selection of lights which are the embodiment of absolute prestige and fine living.

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