Glass & Glass Murano Italy Lead time 60 days

Glass & Glass Murano creates beautiful and functional lighting articles to improve the quality of any environment. The long experience in the sector and their ability to forge and work glass into special shapes for lighting, have made company a strong and reliable presence in the market, offering finely crafted creations and a wide range of item. Along with classic models from Venetian tradition Glass & Glass Murano also produces articles with decidedly modern touch, in line with the evolution of the market and the taste of a vast public.

The master glass-blowers of Glass & Glass Murano, working together with workshop, assembly, research and technology specialists, produce collections of perfect lighting fixtures, integrity-tested as much in the materials used as finishes, within strict parameters of functionality and safety. Glass & Glass Murano takes pride in a wealth of manufacturing experience, guided dy Innovative company know-how which has proven especially useful in the "contract" sector and in realisation of special lighting projects far above the industry standard, proposing targeted and highly specialised solutions.

A significant part of the models presented in the catalogue have In fact been made based on designs forwarded by architects and designers. In many hotels, banks, company offices, public buildings and important residences in the world, original fixtures and lighting systems carry the name Glass & Glass Murano.

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