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The Portuguese company Circu aren’t simply in the business of making furniture for your home – they’re in the business of turning imagination into tangible objects. The “magical furniture” from the Portuguese furniture company draws inspiration from childhood dreams (think mermaids, rocket ships, and princesses), and while their products are undoubtedly stunning, they’ve got price tags that will take your breath away, too.

Circu is much more than a kids’ furniture brand. Its mission is to team up with parents and help them really appreciate their inner child and their child’s visions and perspectives. Their vision is to allow children to dream their own dreams and to really give them space to be themselves and live their fantasies in a magical world.

Portuguese luxury furnishings brand Circu has recently created an over-the-top line of “Magical Furniture” that they hope will have children begging to be sent to their rooms.

All love the fun and creativity of Circu magical furniture, and all looking forward to seeing what they produce next. In a certain way, Circu is the ultimate proposition of being free, colorful, and extremely happy.

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