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Since 50's Arcahorn makes unique and exclusive creations in natural horn for a selected clientele around the world. All products are 100% handcrafted in Italy with a sartorial appeal using natural and fine materials that require long and accurate processings. Every product is unique and exclusive. Since 1958, Mario Guerra, founder of ARCA, gave new shape and light to horn with just his hands and the help of fire. Today that craftsmanship has evolved and passed from his workshop to the hands of the current generation of the Guerra family.

With its incessant drive to innovate Arcahorn has set itself apart from the others, and has never stopped striving for absolute perfection. Rare materials are meticulously selected and then worked one step at a time, so that an entire season might pass before a production cycle has come to completion. This is what it means to bring to life limited collections of unique pieces where no two are alike, by nature. Indisputable excellence. No matter where it is placed, nothing adds warmth to an environment like the natural beauty of horn.

The art of Arcahorn bestows elegance, refinement and style to any surroundings. The delicate nuances of the horn revealed by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, the carefully hand polished surfaces, the multi-faceted horn gemstones set like diamonds are all inimitable signatures of the Guerra family. Ancient metalworking techniques bear the seal of a master: every day craftsmen hold the burin and spend hour upon hour carefully engraving gold and palladium covered surfaces to create the most extraordinary interplay of shape and light. The elegance of horn is harmonically combined with the use of precious materials such as brass, exclusively hand engraved according to noble Renaissance techniques, accurately selected leathers and elegant wood essences. A natural color palette of polished or matte lacquers enriches their collections offering refined solutions able to satisfy the expectations of a demanding clientele.This is how Arcahorn collections are born, a symbol of Made in Italy throughout the world.

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