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Sitia is a brand founded in 2002. It is specialized in the creation of seats for contract spaces with a focus on “made in Italy” quality chairs. Sitia is an evolved brand thanks to a deep sartorial knowledge on avant-garde technologies, certified methodologies and innovative structural researches, combined with craftsmanship passion and maximum attention to details. Every Sitia product reflects the value of manufacturing process, research of refined materials and international experience in the furniture sector.

The assortment of the Sitia factory includes furniture for offices and home interiors. Office furniture is the main direction of production.
A large selection of office chairs, benches, chairs, sofas Sitia satisfies the needs of any business centers, government and commercial institutions, educational institutions. Interior items for conference rooms, executive offices, meeting rooms are made professionally and taking into account the needs of the consumer. The workspace, which uses furniture from the Sitia factory, is a deliberately comfortable place to work.

The design of Sitia furniture is really modern and attractive, so it will become a real decoration in any room, maintaining an atmosphere of harmony and relevance of decoration. It is not surprising that the models of this company are popular and in demand almost all over the world - after all, it is quite difficult to find equal ones.

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