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From the 1950s to the present day the activities of Desalto have always been seamlessly part of the production tradition of La Brianza, an exceptional area in which the masters of Italian design and of the "Made in Italy" have found a breeding ground in a determined, passionate enterprise culture.

Desalto can lay claim to two titles: to a fresh youth, which allows it to band together iconic chairs and clothes stands, like graphic signs sketched in the air, to flexible tables that are as flexible as our daily life.

In Desalto originality is linked to tradition by another extraordinary peculiarity, namely its concept of technological research. The company employs avant-garde technologies such as a structural steel laser cutting plant, robotic welding and painting, and the clever amalgamation of different materials, valuing the intrinsic qualities of metal, glass, wood and plastics.

Since the 90’s the company has received many significant recognitions and awards. For example, the Softer than Steel collection of Desalto wins MIAW 2015 Award for the outdoor category. The Award, organized by ArchiClubDesign in partnership with the French Magazine Muuuz, rewards for the newest and most innovative products in the architecture and design fields.

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