Halley Italy Lead time 60 days

Halley proposes a world of beauty and sensations, ways of being that is achieved throught constant aesthetic, technical and functional research. Halley with her creations gives unforgettable moments, emotions, sensations. A new concept of classic furnishing creates atmospheres and lifestyles. Complete solutions for sleeping zone as double and children’s room wich are scrupulously realized. Halley’s philosophy is also present in the composition for living room, where classic cupboard, tables, sofa with huge sizes, make your interior unique, harmonious and exclusive.

The craftsmanship and tailoring is what distinguishes the collections designed by Halley. Every detail is created with care and attention for having an excellent result. The classic furniture purchase additional value, the wood paneling give new life to the space, the fabrics and materials that dress perfectly the beds, the rooms, the bedrooms and sofas . It is released from simple, classic décor, proposing new ways to make your home unique.

Halley’s customers are shops, furniture showrooms, national and international architects and designers.

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