Hamilton Conte France Lead time 60 days

Since 2009, Hamilton Conte Paris is a furniture and home accessories brand. It is inspired by the history, multiple origins and complementary talents of its two founders, Ross Hamilton Englisbe and Fabián Pellegrinet Conte. Ross’ Anglo-Saxon pragmatism is a harmonious contradiction to the passion of Latin designer, Fabián. Together, they make beautiful creations characterized by originality and warmth.

The objective of Hamilton Conte is to remain an original and independent furniture brand, adapted to the needs of professionals in today’s retail and contract markets. To make their products stand out from the crowd, Hamilton Conte uses an eclectic combination of materials: precious woods, resin, stone, metals such as cast iron, brass, aluminum.

Based in Paris, Hamilton Conte is at the centre of a world design capital. His Italo-Argentine Creative Director, Fabian Pellegrinet, takes great pleasure in integrating inspirations from across Europe and the Americas. His goal is always to ensure that designs remain pertinent, inviting and accessible.

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