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Annibale Colombo started up in Brianza in 1812 with a small workshop founded by Filippo Colombo. He produced furniture pieces, real works of art, for the Milanese middle class of the period who was in love with French subtleties.

During its history Annibale Colombo had always defended – and still defends – its tradition: the use of rich materials. Over 60 kinds of wood, knowledgeably worked and matched, give life to pieces of furniture which draw together the fascination of that "unique piece" and extraordinary strength and reliability, all of which is the fruit of construction techniques very similar to traditional ones. Maple, chestnut, cypress, cornelian cherry, cedar, ebony, ash, larch, lemon, olive, rose, sandalwood - these are but a few of the woods used to make the precious inlayed outer surface.

Through the years Annibale Colombo has realized a lot of projects both in Italy and all over the world: extremely diversified works, dictated by the needs of different people’s tastes and cultural environments, different also as regards to the various architectural typology, but all of them very prestigious. Among the most important projects are Kulm Hotel and Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Saint Moritz, Hotel Ares Eiffel in Paris, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio and Piccolo Teatro Grassi in Milan, besides a lot of private villas (in Russia, England, Turkey ...) and luxury yachts.

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