Origins 1971 Italy Lead time 60 days

Origins 1971 is Italian company who design and manufacture a range of contemporary chairs for a variety of uses. It is born of experience and development at Palma, a major Italian chair manufacturer, which was transformed from a small craft workshop into a large modern company without losing the original passion. Combining the passion for clean design aesthetics with innovations in modern production techniques they create a range of sophisticated products that are simple, useful and that reach a wide audience.

Origins 1971 believes there is always a way to improve a product, whether its aesthetic, function, economy or sustainably and this is why a designers work is never done. For areas used for relaxation, reading, waiting or socializing, a versatile range of small armchairs, stools and two-seater sofas, in line with the most widely differing functional needs and aesthetic trends, always with a clean and basic design. It is characterized by a wide range of combinations of fabrics and wood, elements that embellish it and make it unique in its kind.

Simple and uncomplicated, without being banal and on the contrary carefully researched and built, this complete range of upholstered stools and chairs, small armchairs and two-seater sofas, is born of a single basic concept, able to take on multiple variations, from the type of seat to the height of the legs, colours and upholstery. A solution designed by Origins 1971 to furnish with flexibility any room, founded on the quality of the design and the stylistic versatility.

Origins 1971 products are manufactured, stocked and assembled in Italy providing the customers with high quality products that can be easily customized and delivered within short time frames. Quality is guaranteed by their design and manufacturing processes, which are entirely in Made-in-Italy style.

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