Marmi Serafini Italy Lead time 60 days

"All begins this way: from one block of marble, experience and hard work, but it is the enthusiasm that makes the difference."

Founded by Serafini brothers, the company is specialized in marble and natural stone processing. Professionalism and competence are enabling it to carry out different types of projects by using the most noble material and innovative techniques while respecting the traditional values.

Located in the city beloved by Palladio, Vicenza, embedded in the green of the Valley of Chiampo, Marmi Serafini has chosen to cherish and continue national and local stone tradition that brought fame to Made in Italy products all over the world.

Developed technology allows not only to make products having previously unthinkable amazing shapes, but also to properly assist the private and the professional client with industrial software and updated avantgarde design, this all in full compliance with ethical and environmental protection norms.

A dynamic and flexible company, able to follow a project at 360 degrees. This is the advantage of Marmi Serafini: not only products, but real design experiences. From making a choice about the proper marble, to the onsite measurement, to the elegant catalog products that can be customized to meet your needs, Marmi Serafini is able to offer a complete service and to give you the chance to see your dreams come true. 

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