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Prestigious, sophisticated light fittings obtained through precise and top-quality craftsmanlike working methods: this has always been the distinctive feature of the entire product collection of Ditta Artigiana Lampadari since its founding in 1963.

Focusing on the production of brass light fittings, a hallmark of traditional classic style, Ditta Artigiana Lampadari, afterwards renamed as Possoni Illuminazione, was able to expand its position both on the domestic and international market making a name for itself in the production of beautiful examples of the quality and excellence of Italy's fine tradition of craftsmanship.

Possoni Illuminazione is by far more than a company that has been producing interior light fittings, chandeliers, lamps, wall and ceiling lamps for over 50 years. Possoni Illuminazione stands above all for genuine 100% Made in Italy products, highly refined and accurate down to the smallest details, adding a sense of everlasting elegance to any home.

A skillful combination of first-class materials, a carefully studied mix of elements and colours, master crafted decorations and a passionate commitment to work makes every light fitting unique. Possoni Illuminazione offers you the pleasure of choosing among many different solutions that always reflect elegance and undisputable quality.

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