Bitangra Portugal Lead time 60 days

Bitangra is one of the most significant companies in the Portuguese furniture industry, providing the best interior solutions, anticipating the needs of professionals and particular clients. They bring to us multifunctional collections, ready for residential or business spaces, interior and exterior environments. The company provides high customisable pieces, full of character and a cohesive design concept, brought to life by the hands of master artisans.

Everything starts with a clear concept. Bitangra don’t make a product for the mass, instead, they make a product that everybody will love. They know for a fact that is impossible to make a piece that everyone will buy, for the simple fact that the interior spaces around the world are so diverse, there’s so many other fabulous products, colors, shapes, textures to combine with. But, they also know for a fact that good taste and quality are decisive aspects in this type of business, and that is why each of their pieces are developed having this in consideration. Every design they bring to life have hidden details, something they do on purpose, to provoke a connection between the audience and the product. Touch the product, feel the texture, the strength of the material, the power of the color, everything counts, everything is an important details.

The products of Bitangra are 100% customizable and hand made, carefully designed by master craftsmen and young talented designers. Taking advantage of old and invaluable handmade techniques, Bitangra have been continuasly introducing new products to their collections, providing a wide range of interior design solutions that they are proud of. The goal of Bitangra is simple: They want to get closer to their clients and friends. Work hard and keep perseverance to achieve desired success.

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