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The Aiardini brand is held and managed by Luigi e Vincenzo brothers. Luigi, the lighting designer, is also responsible for the Aiardini "Contract Division" (an exclusive Aiardini’s department with a focus in special lighting projects ordered by "Clients" such as hotels, restaurants, bars, spa centers, etc.). Vincenzo is in charge of marketing strategy, corporate communication and he also deals with our brand's image.

Into Aiardini corporate philosophy, an Italian handmade lights manufacturer, attention is paid not only to offer collections being attractive to the market, but also and especially to ensure a very high quality level of its products. This is extremely important and reason why the best materials only are used, such as blown Venetian glass and Swarovski crystals.

The developmental know-how process has been attained during these years has combined craftsman experiences with modem technologies, and that evolution has made Aiardini's products well-appreciated beyond twenty different countries of the world, and in Europe and Russia especially. The Aiardini lamps are always conceived and manufactured according to a constantly evolving market so to satisfy every request coming from discerning and refined guests who looking for having products of high quality with a dressy design.

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