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New Hungarian design studio Intueri Light was create by Krisztián Mécs and József Hegedűs in 2012. They design by instinct – specifically intuition, and their ability to sense whether their product has that extra something. In latin, ‘intueri’ means “to see” in the sense of seeing more than meets the eye – that is, intuitive perception.

Intueri Light combines modern designs with traditional manufacturing techniques to create stunning, original lamps. Keeping quality and originality at the forefront, Intueri Light seeks to produce modern lamps that are timeless and possess the same feeling as a personalized item.

Intuition has forever been important in design, but even more so today in the era of dull mass production. Emphasising the personal qualities of objects, young Hungarian company Intueri Light designs lighting that not only fulfils practical needs but resonates emotionally. Products are created through a modular design process with simple, timeless shapes, providing an endless palette of potential forms. Maximum quality is guaranteed by their score years of experience in the field. Only a small number of pieces are manufactured in order to ensure a great deal of exclusivity.

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