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Provasi was founded in the early 1970's and led by four brothers: Enrico, Roberto, Paolo and Giovanni. This family was able to develop its company over a very short period of time, although it was always observant of an initial entrepreneurial spirit. In 2001 the company headquarters was moved from Cabiate to its current location in Seregno, which hosts a large production plant as well as a spectacular and spacious display showroom.

The soul and image of this brand name is craftsmanship and artisanal production, since most of its creations are made by hand. Provasi works with specialized masters of the trade - the keepers of a tradition of the finest woodworking practiced for over two centuries - who are the creators of woodcarvings and inlays of the most exquisite quality and originality.

The lifestyle of Provasi is recognised by the greatest specialists of décor as being without any doubt one of the most fascinating that international production in the sector has to offer. The result is a sensation of exceptional elegance where refinement is clearly evident and can be distinguished by details that may be difficult to detect at first, but whose presence contributes to the signature of every piece of furniture to make the full scenic effect something unique.

Provasi, a leading company in the luxury furnishing sector, creates and exports pieces of furniture all over the world. Thanks to a professional team who work together to create projects of exclusive decor, Provasi can plan the interior design or furniture for any type of building, including apartments, villas, yachts and hotels.

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