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FOOGO is a design brand of timeless fireplaces that bring warmth and coziness to every indoor and outdoor space. It's offers the most luxurious and unique fireplaces.

FOOGO is more than just a fireplace, it delivers more than warm and cozy feelings. This brand wants to give you a story that stays forever with you. Inspired by nature elements and by its forces FOOGO creates unique pieces. FOOGO guarantees a comprehensive offer regarding space transformation through firepits, fireplaces, wall fireplaces and table tops. FOOGO adapts itself to necessities, maintaining the originality and passion that characterize it, making use of electrical systems and gas.

Musa Fireplace. This fireplace was inspired in the strength of Musa’s empire, the brass structure together with the strength present in its flames conquers any living room or space. This one is made of matte brass with green marble top. So, if you think that fireplaces are the heart of the rooms than this was one is perfect for you.

Eruption Fireplace. This fireplace has the shape of a volcano that represents the natural phenomenon of an eruption. It is made of brushed stainless steel and it’s the ideal fireplace that fits in every environment.

Bloom Wall Fire. This piece of art is made of brushed stainless steel and, unlike the others, it’s a wall fireplace. It is a delicate design in the shape of a flower, representing the full bloomed body and the epitome of beauty.

The FOOGO brand provides an environment of passion, strength, impetuosity. A whirlwind of emotions, that culminates in the flame of wanting to live intentionally prevailing and coming out on top of everything around. FOOGO represents the flame of life.

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