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In 1899, James Marshall, a young British engineer invented the pocket-sprung mattress. Now his invention is known to us as the independent spring block TFK. In those days, TFK blocks were assembled by hand, and mattresses were very expensive. Only very rich people and luxury hotels could afford such mattresses. His Vispring beds, with their unmatched comfort, found their way into the world’s most lavish bedrooms – on famous ocean liners, fine hotels and royal palaces.

Sleeping properly had arrived in style.

Of course a lot has changed since then but an incredible night’s sleep is as important as ever. J. Marshall mattresses provide Vispring’s traditional pocket-sprung comfort and support in four simple models for modern living.

J. Marshall by Vispring has four mattress options, each with fine natural fillings for comfort and pocket springs for support. Over 100 years of bed-making expertise goes into each design for head-to-toe comfort, night after night. Mattresses are each backed up with a 10-year guarantee.

This is where sleeping properly starts. 

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