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Timeless design and the work of the best craftsmen - a recipe for success that Christian Liaigre has followed for almost thirty years

The first Christian Liaigre showroom was opened in Paris in 1987. Today the company is represented in twelve countries.
Clients include Karl Lagerfeld, Rupert Murdoch, Valentino Garavani, Kenzo Takada and Larry Gagosian.
In 2004, the company became the only furniture manufacturer to enter the Comité Colbert, which unites 75 historic French houses operating in the luxury industry.

For Christian Liaigre, whose interior designs have become a symbol of new Parisian chic, this is the principle - all furnishings for them are produced only in the capital of France. To describe the style in which the master works, just two words are enough - precious simplicity.

Natural colors, silk and leather, a variety of textures of wood and bronze surfaces - all this turns its interiors and objects into an exquisite backdrop for the most important thing: the daily life of discerning owners. In search of tools that give furniture more expressiveness, Liaegre was one of the first to experiment with exotic woods.

Thirty years ago, his first wenge items appeared. This gave rise to the general enthusiasm for dark furniture of laconic forms - dense wood demanded the creation of objects without frills. But as soon as this material entered the arsenal of most designers, Liaegre began working with pine, creating furniture and boiserie panels from it. By brushing, his craftsmen highlight the texture of the wood, and then tint in deep colors, creating a unique pattern of the surface of each object.

They also masterfully handle traditional walnut and oak, precious macassar ebony and exotic limb wood. Gloss and satin lacquer surfaces are worked on for six weeks by the craftsmen, while the elaborate finish of tulle - a tree covered with a pattern that resembles the texture of a canvas - takes more than two months. Each year, the varnish palette is supplemented with new, up-to-date colors.

Liaigre furniture and accessories are the embodiment of that very "modern luxury": laconic in form, noble in proportions, made with dizzying quality and from the finest natural materials. Every item, be it a table or a console, can become a star in any interior. But they are rarely used one at a time - the Liaigre design hypnotizes: a person buys one thing, and then he wants to have an entire interior “in the Liaigre style”.

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