Riva 1920 Italy Lead time 80 days

Specialized in the art of solid wood carving, Riva 1920 was established almost a century ago as an handcrafted laboratory, becoming in the nineties a leading company manufacturing solid wood furniture. Tables, shelves, kitchens and cabinets are only few of the many products made with wood coming only from certified forests.

Riva 1920 was founded by Mario Riva and his grandfather Nino Riva to build furniture that challenges time and respects nature. Every tree tells a story and every piece of furniture sums up its essence. Made from either solid American cherry, maple, oak or walnut wood from forestry plantations, Riva 1920 always plants another tree in the place of every single tree that has been cut down for manufacturing purposes - giving back nature what it has given.

Today the firm collaborates with numerous designers and is noted for its search for woods never used before in the production of furniture, such as cedar, thousand-year-old kauri wood from New Zealand and oak timbers recovered from the Venice lagoon.

Riva 1920 is an integration of craftsmanship and tradition, with modern design and technology. Its attention to detail and the subtle detailing in its work, are what makes Riva 1920 one of the most unique furniture producers in the world today.

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