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Since 1948 Renzo Del Ventisette Company has been producing chandeliers made in wrong-iron, bronze and brass enriched by Murano glasses, Swarovski Schöler and Bohemia crystals with tempera decoration and gold leaf finishing. Company produces selected first-rate handicraft, combining its craftsmanship with a careful choice of materials. The research in design is a key ingredient for the satisfaction of all demand of the most sophisticated customers.

Handmade decorations make every piece exclusive, functional and aesthetically original, able to satisfy all markets. Renzo Del Ventisette keeps competitive prices also ensuring its articles the total production "Made In Italy". Renzo Del Vetisette 60 years’ experience allows to produce chandelier and drawing furniture complements to meet any request for shape and size. Since three generations Renzo Del Ventisette products are the result of a perfect balance between experience, quality and style enhancing light and space.

Over the last few years the company has dedicated itself to design, experimenting with new, provocative solutions, but maintaining that contemporary classical appearance that has always characterised its production. The prerogative of Renzo Del Ventisette have always stood out for aiming, through the creation of exceptional lamps, not only to light, but also to furnish, welcome and charm, according to the principles of excellent and absolute quality that are at the basis of every creation. This perfect blend of tradition and innovation has enabled experimentation in designs with new materials and distinctive shapes, without neglecting quality craftsmanship.

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