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Senor Nicoli, the founder of the Nube factory, opening a small workshop in 1958, sought to achieve the highest quality of workmanship. Continuing the business, representatives of the next generation of the family relied on design and attracted young and talented artists to cooperate with the factory. The projects they created for Nube are distinguished by their modern looks, functionality and practicality.

The Nube factory uses wood (rosewood, wenge, zebrano, cherry, beech, bamboo, decorative veneers), polyurethane, metal, leather, glass, textiles. When designing sofa frames made of wood or metal, many technical and anatomical factors are taken into account, so Nube upholstered furniture is rightfully considered as a relaxation solution. In some models, the factory uses a slider mechanism that allows you to convert the sofa into a chaise lounge. The Nube factory offers a warranty against material defects when used in accordance with the rules of operation: such confidence in the quality of production is due to the high control at every stage - from the selection of materials to the transportation of the finished model by Nube employees or partners.

Nube is a recognized as an expert in the creation of recreation areas - sofas, armchairs and companion tables, which form the backbone of the range of the Italian furniture factory. Nube furniture is often found in respectable offices, restaurants, hotels. So, if you want to create comfort, lightness and ease in your room using minimalism, pay attention to Nube furniture.

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