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PTMD collection was founded in 1992. What once started with a small collection of pots and baskets has now, 26 years later, grown into a complete interior collection that includes lighting, pots, glassware, furniture, textiles and wall deco. By developing its own identity, PTMD has created a strong interior image in which accessible luxury becomes reality. PTMD offers sturdy robust home accessories and furniture and is now one of the most trendsetting residential brands. PTMD has suitable living items for almost all rooms in the house. From furniture and lamps to the most beautiful home accessories. In general, the products have a strong, robust appearance.

The philosophy of the Dutch-based brand PTMD is the creation of sturdy and attractive furniture and accessories for all rooms in the house. The brand uses natural and robust materials to give an atmospheric and robust look to its collection. All PTMD collections are designed and developed carefully and skilfully in their own design studio, meaning every product exudes the PTMD values, sober, atmospheric. Originality, creativity, and craftsmanship are the most crucial ingredients of each collection.

For example, the Noba Oak series offers many beautiful pieces of furniture in the form of flower columns and, for example, the Sideboard Acacia Wood. The details of this dresser are truly a feast for the eyes. In addition to the worldly tables and armchairs from the PTMD Collection, this furniture brand also has unique dining room chairs in the range. Every interior style is well represented in this. In addition, you first have the choice of dining room chairs with armrests or without armrests. However, this is only the beginning of the enormous selection pallet that the PTMD Collection has to offer. So you can also choose the option with wheels or without. In addition, you can go to coast and select materials, namely fabric, cow leather, imitation leather, plastic and even wood and metal. To complete the whole you also have the choice of a dining room chair with or without relax function.

By experimenting with different finishes, kiln temperatures, and techniques, PTMD creates statement products which can be used to design a stunning interior. Because PTMD travels around the world, this style brand knows better than anyone else how to process the true image of a country or region in the furniture. The result is that you can add this authentic look to your interior.

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