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The sweet and pleasant row of the Langhe hills is the AGOPROFIL®'s ideal scenery for the company established in 1972 and spreading over a surface of sq.m. 38.000. The entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the Agosto family and the locally sourced workers are the only and real guarantee for an inherited manual skill, which enriches and makes unique the AGOPROFIL® doors in the world.

Mission of Agoprofil evolves throughout the years and still endures today: to realize high-quality handcrafts, maintaining respect for tradition and all the fundamental principles that are necessary in order to obtain the excellence of the product.

With the creation of Agoprofil's doors, at the same time the company consider the aesthetical appearance, the usage functions and the construction peculiarities, through examination and exploration of the market demand and its related trends. Minimal lines, contemporary tones and colours, the employment of innovative materials discern the products of these collections, aimed to attentive consumers who wish for a distinguished mark for their own environments.

Agoprofil prefers the utilization of woods arriving from guarded forests, guaranteed by projects of preservation. This ecological trend wants the doors to be varnished in an eco-compatible way with water-based paints, and therefore utilizing solvents as little as possible.

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