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Jetclass is a luxury furniture company with exclusive designs. Jetclass Group’s limitless styles and approaches have long conquered the demanding luxury world. Inspired by the elegance of classical handcraft, Jetclass proposes luxury furniture collections for eclectic and demanding buyers. Jetclass Group’s headquarters is located in the biggest area of the furniture industry in Portugal, in the city of Valongo, Porto district. The creative universe was always part of the life of Agostinho Moreira, founder of Jetclass Group. Constant determination and the will of achievement led him to the fulfilment of his dream: to create his own company and to develop his own personal project.

The need to develop exclusive pieces for each project to be unique, culminated with the launch of a brand with its own design. The brand Jetclass was born in 2001 with the intent to create signed pieces, furniture, lighting and decoration collections, which excel for the diversity of styles. Inspired by world culture and Portuguese history, Jetclass offers a multiplicity of solutions where excellence and quality are the priority. Founded by the Moreira Family, Jetclass is the result from their deep experience and extensive knowledge, rooted in the tradition of several generations and strengthened in a continued professional development in the Portuguese furniture industry.

The Jetclass company created several collections. Each of them focuses on a specific design element and exploits it is numerous ways. For example, the New York Collection has a look specific to the 1930s. It’s a glamorous collection that also adds a contemporary twist to all its pieces. But what all collections have in common is this unique combination between the classical design and state of the art technology. These furniture pieces are both smart and beautiful.

Jetclass also offer a personalized service of design, planning and production of customized furniture pieces and ranges, according to the luxury quality standards. Timeless in Design, Modern in Technology. Jetclass furniture has unique automated features in several models such as chests and frames that disguise electronics like flat screen TVs and media players, some have mini fridges and open at the press of a button, drawers with secret compartments that reveal on command. Each piece is sleek and stylish, with lacquered finishes and accents that vary in color from old gold to more bold and vibrant tones.

The Jetclass's Design and Project Development department is composed by a team of architects, interior, product, graphics and communication designers; professionals that are perfectly able to develop interior design projects and to create residential and contract concepts. The brand Jetclass was born with a unique and fundamental purpose: to create singular products that can transform any space into a stunning scenario. Exclusive furniture, decoration and lighting collections, which can be adapted to the most sophisticated and bold ideals are created to respond to demanding and eclectic requests.

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