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The great sartorial experience and industrial precision describe the еssential characteristics of ART NOVA, highlighting the quality and flexibility of production. It is a company producing luxury modern furniture in Italy. Since 1976 creativity, style and design define a “know-how” profile of the company.

ART NOVA moves in the realization of products able to dress with harmony, style and rigor of contemporary everyday life, day after day, adhering to the evolution of the image and functionality of the furniture. ART NOVA is the company that place themselves in the classical furniture sector, developing exclusive products of fine craftsmanship. ART NOVA deal with the luxury furniture market, which is characterized by modern and fashionable pieces of furniture and design.

ART NOVA aim is to promote Made in Italy excellence across the world by taking part in global exhibitions and events. What characterizes the company is the constant attention to detail, quality and all production phases, in an attempt to achieve more and more stimulating goals, to aim for the top and to chase perfection.

The ART NOVA company has consolidated its position on the domestic and international markets as one of the main manufacturers of modern furniture. With the experience of 40 years of activity, ART NOVA keeps on pursuing the balance between tradition and advanced search, always paying attention to the requirements of the market.

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