Zonca Italy Lead time 80 days

Zonca was born about a century ago by the tenacity of its founder Maffeo Zonca, when the craftsmanship and detail of the wise use of materials such as glass, metal, fabric, wood, electricity, were "the strength" of the new expression to do the light Made in Italy. The latest generation Zonca has led the company on track modernity, the identification of new market values, the new philosophy of the product, without ever losing sight of quality. The international market, the company recognizes the value of a strong personality, originality of design, attention to detail and quality of work.

Today, Zonca is a reality all over Europe and is also present in major countries worldwide, offering a wide range of high-quality products in terms of technology and aesthetics, giving you the possibility of incorporating quality lighting and design in your projects.

In addition to having their own in-house designers, the company relies on the search for new formal solutions to some of the most famous designers in the contemporary scene. This is how uniquely styled lamps, designed to exhibit their creations in a beautiful environment of the classroom. Zonca offers a full range of products and services to meet the needs of the hotel class: the creations Zonca give light and elegance to the hotels of the highest level.

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