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Opera Contemporary is a furniture brand founded by Angelo Cappellini in one of the more important Italian manufacturing districts: Brianza. In Cabiate, right in the heart of the region of Brianza, Angelo Cappellini grew his business and expanded his professional skills, which he combined with a modern organisation of logistics and sales to allow them to deliver to any part of the world. Aside from its well-established entrepreneurial flair, another of the strong points of Angelo Cappellini is the tight control that it has succeeded in exerting, mostly thanks to a highly qualified team, over the whole manufacturing process of each product.

Greatly admired for their elegance and quality, Opera Contemporary collections are bywords for status and exclusivity both within private residences and in the grand halls of embassies, villas or luxury hotels. The best species of natural wood, luxurious textiles of attractive colors and pleasant textures, leather excellent workmanship, at the same time soft and durable, noble marble look really chic, turning tables, sofas, beds, shelves, armchairs into works of furniture art. Besides brand furniture is decorated magnificent handcrafted finishes – gilding, carving, intarsia.

Opera Contemporary professionalism stands for the perfect partner, because it guarantees, for each and every project, privacy and the utmost care in the management of the project, ensuring the customer a product that is truly customized, exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

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