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Founded in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, Italian design company Glas Italia is internationally recognized for its innovative and exceptionally made products. Produced in a dedicated factory established by the company’s founders at the beginning of last century, Glas Italia’s prolific output pushes the boundaries of glass fabrication with a variety of products for residential and commercial use.

Glas Italia produces modern pieces of furniture, doors-wall partitions and accessories in crystal glass drawing from the heritage, long experience and technical know-how of a century-old Family glass factory as well as from an unbridled passion for glass manufacturing. Among the most popular items within the collection are furniture, including shelves, tables and bookcases; mirrors; glasses and tableware; and decorative accessories including vases and vessels.

Through the years Glas Italia has followed an unswerving evolutive process, through accurate planning and focused development of its collection, both in terms of image and distribution in the Italian and Export markets.

Glas Italia collaborates with renowned designers who can express their creative talent in the inexhaustible potential of such a pure, noble and refined material as glass, experimenting with Glas Italia's technologically advanced production processes. The synergy between Company and designers has formed a collection of products which is characterized by innovative design and inner quality, as well as by satisfying the aesthetic sense and the contemporary taste of its customers.

The refinement and originality of the range with its intrinsic and formal quality represent the signature and the distinctive feature of Glas Italia products which are addressed to a high-end public loving elegant and design-oriented glass items and to the professionals involved in interior architecture and design, project and contract market. Glas Italia’s avant-garde pieces are the perfect accompaniment to any contemporary home, gifting style and life-long quality in abundance.

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