Luxonov Belgium Lead time 60 days

Luxonov is a luxury brand that is a joint venture between two Belgian companies: Fraipont SPRL, a 20-year-old factory that specializes in custom-made luxury lighting products under the Yvoir de Fraipont brand, and CEA SPRL, a 10-year-old electrical equipment company.

The Belgian brand Luxonov specializes in the production of premium design wiring accessories. The assortment includes electrical outlets (power) and multimedia outlets (low-current), switches and switches (toggle switches and push-buttons), dimmers, lighting control mechanisms and building automation. Brass is the main material in production. For finishing, bronze, gold, brass, nickel, chrome are used in various designs (11 options are available to choose from). In addition, Luxonov offers customers the implementation of the "smart home" concept, which combines the functions of automatic lighting control, temperature control, implementation of a protection system, etc.

Luxonov attracts with its elegance, sophistication and modern design. The extraordinary products of the factory meet the exquisite requirements of customers and decorate a large number of hotels, private mansions, offices, yachts around the world. Among them: Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris, France); Mayor's Residence (Moscow, Russia); Presidential Palace (Bakou, Azerbaijan).

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