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Prama srl ​​is Italian company engaged in the production of furniture in the vintage style. It's a company with original purpose to produce top-quality period furniture. In particular, Prama srl is specialised in the production of bedroom, living room and hallway furniture in the period style, either in solid wood or veneered with various wood types.

Prama srl in able to create, design and produce its own furniture as well as cabinets designed by professionals and/or other companies. The сompany manages all the orders, from the purchase of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Prama srl comprises a joinery department that prepares prototyes; a technical department that takes care of product industrialisation and issues bills of materials and orders; a sawmill department that produces all the cornices, frames and solid wood furniture parts; an in-house varnishing department to finish semi-finished items and one to finish the assembled, period furniture.

95% of the furniture produced by Prama srl is delivered abroad: foremost in Russia and Germany, but also to England and the United States in smaller quantities. Prama Srl is operating in the national and international markets thanks to the own high professional experience, to guarantee of quality and assistance, to the wide high level range of products always available.

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