HIND RABII Belgium Lead time 60 days

The poetic message of filters, colours, blended reflections, transparency that appears to make every HIND RABII model appeal to the desire of love and of light. And today they still have, a need for these words cast on a page of white vellum. So over the years, the company created providing top-grade collections, with pure, clear lines, which express the desire to introduce elements that are original details distinguishing each model, and which make its style unique.

The main characteristic is the variety of the materials and the elegance of the details. Worked using manual tools, the metal parts have a perfect finish, whether in gold, chrome or copper. Glass, which is a very important material in the collection, comes from Murano, where glass has been blown for generations. Ceramic is Hind Rabii’s latest passion, and this is sourced from the Venice region.