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The Modulnova factory has more than half a century of experience in the furniture industry. And it is rightfully considered one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen furniture and bathrooms. The high craftsmanship of creative designers generates true works of art from natural stone, ultra-fine granite, metal and exotic woods.

The Modulnova factory does its best to make furniture design simple, elegant and at the same time in line with the latest fashion trends. It should be noted that the shapes of the Modulnova furniture collections are extremely clear, simple and harmonious. When designing furniture, special attention is paid to various accessories, thanks to which the furniture becomes stunningly beautiful.

For the craftsmen of the Modulnova factory, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it is a workshop of aromas and tastes, and the bathroom is a real boudoir, a place for relaxation. Nice "little things" - elegant cabinets, comfortable shelves, beautiful finishes, primarily serve for the convenience of the owner, but in the case of Modulnova, they also add coziness to the room.

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