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The factory Stella del Mobile is another representative of a successful family business. It all started back in 1968, when husband and wife, Ruggiero Leardini and Luisa Zamboni, decided to open a small workshop to create items for interior decoration. They put their whole soul into their business. Love for work made it possible to create extraordinary things with seemingly ordinary wood, which was mainly used to create products.

Today, the Stella del Mobile factory produces classic furniture, emphasizing the beauty of an array of elite varieties of wood - cherry and walnut, using the best techniques in furniture design and hand finishing. The lacquering of Stella del Mobile furniture is done by hand with water-based paints and shellac lacquers, thus achieving a feeling of softness, gloss and transparency; and the final stage is treatment with beeswax, in order to protect them from weathering and temporary changes. The processing process and the products used are designed and selected with the utmost respect for the environment.

The range of models presented by Stella del Mobile to its customers is really wide - you can choose the perfect solution for most living areas of the house (be it an entrance hall, bedroom, dining room, study, dressing room, living room, library, billiard room, etc.): spectacular and stylish wardrobes (wardrobes, books, for dishes), bedside tables, chairs, tables (dining, writing, magazine, coffee), kitchen sets, shelves, armchairs (for rest and work), beds, dressers, sideboards, consoles, showcases will complement the decor of the room, making it even more comfortable and functional.

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