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The firm Joquer was set up in 1984 by Pedro Carretero as a small family business. Its initial business activity was the production of sofas, armchairs and auxiliary upholstery items, and six years later, it began to export its products to different countries in Europe.

Joquer's plant is located in Viladecans, a town near Barcelona. The fact that the company has own workshop means it has full control over the quality of the materials and processes and guarantees their sustainability. Joquer manufactures only to order, combining artisan and modern techniques.

Joquer not only consider the purpose for which it's products will be used, but also takes into account the impact they will have on the environment. The company believe that sustainability is a key factor, even during the design phase. The wood Joquer uses for the structures comes from sustainably-managed forests and all the manufacturing processes such as priming and coating metal parts comply with the environmental guidelines. Above all, the company use the highest quality materials and the best sewing techniques to ensure the long useful life of it's products. For Joquer believes that durability is the most ecological value of all.

And 25 leather and fabric collections allow Joquer to create endless versions.

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