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Established in 1966 by its persistent and dedicated founder, Guido Sforzin, together with his wife Carmen Biasin. Over 40 years of intense work and entrepreneurial ability have led to the creation of innovative, modern and classic products.

Over the years, several products have become icons in the the company’s collection. These articles can still be found in the catalogue in both the classic line and the modern collection. A careful selection of materials, product quality and innovative functions distinguish every Sforzin product and convey its unique design. At present, the world of Sforzin is expressed in three catalogues - Urban, Style and Tecno - which communicate using a single language called "Design".

Today, the Sforzin Illuminazione brand is distributed in more than 35 countries, and the company participates in major international exhibitions devoted to design, where it showcases new products with superior quality and appearance every season.

A good example is the Joyo line, which was created with a combination of Samuel Codegoni’s innovative design and the extensive research of Sforzin Illuminazione into the quality of the materials. For the first time, Sforzin Illuminazione is producing a lamp that not only was conceived to perform its original function, but also is equipped with a USB port to create a product with 3 functions: illumination, USB device charging and valet tray.

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