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Arredoclassic is a young company founded in 1998 in the furniture district of Pesaro, Marche. Arredoclassic creates pieces of furniture of classical refined design for different rooms of the house, from the living area to the sleeping room.

Arredoclassic has its entire production chain in the heart of one of the most important furniture production districts in Italy. The quality of the products is in keeping with the tradition of the master Marche furniture-makers which, for decades, have created interiors to suit every need. This tradition is imbued in every product and detail, and breathes life into classic, elegant and unique furniture pieces.

The Arredoclassic house reflects the unique personality of those who live in it. Home environments are enriched with fine details, such as mother of pearl, gold leaf, Swarovski, fabrics and velvet.

The brand Arredoclassic is available worldwide and distributes its exclusive products from the U.S. to China from Africa to Russia. And in all the world a guarantee of authenticity, the "100% Made in Italy" certification and adherence to the IT01 System, assure Arredoclassic's clients the highest standards of quality and provenance.

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